The Green Smoothie

16 February 2015
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According to Ayurveda, every food can be both a medicine or a poison depending on how and when it is consumed and who is consuming it. The basic rule of thumb in most ancient healing traditions is that like increases like, and opposites balance. Green smoothies are not inherently bad or good. They do however have certain qualities that can be helpful or harmful depending on each person.  In general, green smoothies are heavy, cold, sweet, sticky, smooth, and liquid in nature. If a person has a weak digestive capacity, then a green smoothie might not be the best choice for them. Also, we must take into consideration the season, time of day the smoothie is consumed, and the overall current state of health of the person consuming the smoothie. For example, if a person who is Kapha dominant drinks a smoothie in Spring Time when Kapha is naturally higher than usual it has a potential to create further disturbance in the body. However if a person with a strong digestive capacity consumes the same smoothie in the proper season, it can be beneficial.


If you are one of those people who is addicted to your green smoothie, I would like to offer a few tips on how to make it more digestible and balanced.


  1. Adding ginger, honey, turmeric and cinnamon will help by adding a bit of heat to the smoothie and making it more digestible.
  2. Never use frozen fruits and vegetables. Try switching to fresh fruits and vegetables instead.
  3. Don’t make it too thick. If it is on the thinner side, it is easier for your body to digest.

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