Tips to Improve digestion

18 February 2015
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There’s nothing worse than finishing a meal and feeling like you are going to bust the button off your pants because you are so bloated and uncomfortable.

Here are 3 Simple Tips that can you can use to help to improve your digestion and prevent discomfort.

1. Avoid eating fruit with your meal. Fruit digests more quickly than other foods. When we mix it with other foods we create a fermentation tank in our belly, and this causes gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort., especially if we have a weak digestive fire (agni). It is best to eat fruit on an empty stomach by itself as a snack or at least 30 minutes before eating a meal.

2. Stop eating before you get full. We’ve all done it. The food just tastes so good, we “can’t stop eating it”. When we eat more than our little tummies can handle, we douse out our (agni) digestive fire and this means that our food doesn’t get digested properly and is likely to turn into aam (toxicity). Imagine you are baking cookies in your kitchen. Your oven breaks when they are half way cooked, so you have take the cookies out of the oven before the they are ready. They are sticky and gooey in the middle and although they might taste good, they are not fully cooked. . When our digestive fire is not strong, it’s like the the oven isn’t working properly and we end up with aam (toxicity in the form of half baked cookies) floating around in our bodies. These half baked cookies block the natural flow in our system and this blockage can cause a plethora of problems with digestion and can also weaken the immune system and make it easier for us to fall sick.How much should I eat? The basic rule of thumb is to hold out your hands together as if you were collecting water from a faucet. Imagine they are filled with food. That’s how much you should be eating at one time.

3. Skip the ice water and drink warm water instead.Imagine pouring cold water down a metal pipe, the pipe will contract. The same thing will happen to the pipes (channels) in your body. Now, imagine pouring ice water over a piece of pizza, the cheese will congeal and it will become much more difficult to digest. This is why we use warm water to wash our dishes! If you pour warm water down the metal pipe, it will expand. If we want our food to move ease fully through our systems, we need to keep our pipes opened up so the food we eat can be properly digested. In the summer months it is okay to have room temperature water instead of warm, but definitely stay away from the ice!

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